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‘Indigene’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) + ‘Community’ (L ‘com’ = ‘together’ + ‘munus’ = ‘gift or service’)

Indigene Community compiles indigenous heritage from around the world for sustainable development in our time.  All of humanity from every continent & sea is originally indigenous for the vast, ancient & most productive period of human history.  Humanity’s 3-dimensional Polyculture Orchards abundantly provided essential goods & services as food, materials, energy & water-cycle at 100 times (10,000%) more than 2-D ‘agriculture’ (L ‘ager’ = ‘field’).  3-D Human relations welcomed & included every person in productive mutual-aid.  Indigenous economy was based in the universal progressive ownership for the whole of society accounted for in contributions from youth to elder.  Visit  for 69 sections outlining indigenous practices in a host of economic, food-production, design, ecology & peace.  In the violence of imperial colonialism each 3-dimensional holistic full-cycle design indigenous nation & continent fell to 2-D violent ‘exogenous’ (L = ‘other-generated’) linear destructive aggression, war & disease.  In self-imposed ignorance, exogenous institutions indoctrinate propaganda to alienate youth & citizens from their ancient self-generating heritage derogating the indigenous period as ‘primitive’ (‘primary’), ‘savage’ (‘based on the tree’) & unproductive.  In fact indigenous nature-aligned quality-of-life, food-production, industry & personal wealth is 100 times greater for everyone than colonial systems.  Indigenous systems restore the earth, equilibrate solar energy for climate balance.